WestCoast Families Magazine Jan/Feb 2013

Dr Strangelove singers, Kelly and Sarah were featured in WestCoast Families Magazine in the WestCoast Mom section along with their five-year old daughters, talking about how much fun they have on stage together! To read the article on the girls follow the link to:

The Province Newspaper Jan 2013

Dr Strangelove was featured in Fred Lee`s Social Network column for The Province newspaper. Fred talks about the band`s 20th Anniversary party at their old stomping ground, The Roxy. Check out Fred`s great review of the party at: 

"Here’s our party guy's annual list of the past year’s scene-stealers and best and brightest: BEST DANCE PARTY: A night at the Roxy! Vancouver house band Dr. Strangelove – Rich Sera, Peter Barone, Kelly Brock, Kevin Coles, Sarah Johns and Andre Kunkel – marked their 20th anniversary at the venerable Granville Street cabaret, where it all began."

Fred Lee- The Province Newspaper

The Vancouver Sun Jan 2013

The Vancouver Sun`s Malcolm Parry was hanging with Sarah and Kelly from Dr Strangelove at their big anniversary bash and snapped a pic of the girls while on stage- we love you Malcolm!